As a professional opera and concert singer for over twenty five years, and a voice teacher based in Berlin, I have had the experience of performing on some of the world’s top stages and teaching at many renowned institutions. I hold a masters degree from the Juilliard School and was a member of the Juilliard Opera Center. During these formative years at Lincoln Center, I had the opportunity to work with some of the finest international coaches, voice teachers and internationally renowned singers. Working with young, talented performers is very close to my heart. When interacting with my students, focused energy, clarity, precision and passion, play an important role. I draw upon my own exploration of bodywork training such as Alexander Technique, Feldenkreis and Gyrotonic.

My students range from beginners to internationally active singers of all voice types. Many of them sing at houses such as the Wiener Staatsoper, the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Berliner Staatsoper, the Bayerischer Staatsoper, the Paris Opera, La Scala, and the MET. My students have recorded with major labels such as EMI, Decca, and Sony, and have won prizes in international competitions such as the Viñas, Belvedere, Neue Stimmen and Das Lied. 

Maintaining a private vocal studio for over fifteen years, I have additionally taught in several international vocal programs, giving private lessons and master classes as a voice faculty member. These programs include: Berlin Staatsoper Opera Studio, IVAI Tel Aviv, the Greek Opera Studio and the Summer Vocal Workshop in Antwerp/Beveren and Ars Vocalis Mexico. In 2017, I taught a master class and gave a concert at the renowned Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University and this spring I gave a master class at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp.

I co-founded Body Mind Voice Berlin, a summer vocal program, where the faculty collaborated and exchanged ideas and concepts to help students reach their artistic and vocal potential. This program has been a particularly positive and enriching experience for students and faculty. Continuing in this framework, my colleagues Ann Rodiger, Thomas Michael Allen and I, have co-founded the Balance Arts Opera Berlin program, where we invite an internationally renowned coaching, acting and voice faculty.

With passion for music, and a unique personal teaching style, I aim to guide my students to interpret their roles and songs in a musically individual, technically optimal, dramatically connected and spirited way.

I have a holistic approach to vocal technique, based upon the classic Italian Bel Canto School of singing. I advocate for clear matching vowels, a chiaro scuro sound which is created by support. Finding support connects one to resonance with a free and engaged body. I utilize and incorporate my own vocal training from all my voice teachers, Oksana Bryn, Mimmi Fulmer, Ellen Faull, Marlena Malas, Ruth Falcon and most importantly my mentor and teacher for the last twenty-two years, Trish McCaffrey. I have found that following the technical principles I have learned and adhered to, in my own development as a singer, enables me to encourage efficient, and ultimately a natural, beautiful vocal production in differing genres and styles.


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